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Indica is a leading manufacturer of qualified acoustical and noise control products. Our products are LEED compliant, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous.   We provide standard off the shelf materials to bespoke acoustic solutions in the form of acoustic diffusers, acoustic ceilings, wall baffles, foams and fabrics. We work closely with architects, interior decorators and acoustic consultants to ensure acoustic comfort solutions for a variety of architectural spaces, ranging from Schools, Religious places of prayer, Hospitals, recording and filming studios, offices and open spaces. We provide design build solutions as well as end to end solutions, giving control to the customer of the entire supply chain from inception to completion.

Our products are made from technically qualified melamine foam products covered in architect approved fabric's and vinyl. They are accompanies with double sided adhesives which greatly reduce installation time at site. We ensure minimum stock levels of raw materials at all our locations to ensure reduced lead times and support anywhere in India.


Wall applications
Name Application Area Standard Sizes Facings Mounting Options
Indica Acoustica Baffles  Conference rooms, board rooms, meeting rooms, class rooms, cafeterias, seminar rooms, theatres. L x W: 1m x 1m and 600mm x 600mm, 1.2m x 1.2m Thickness: 25mm and 50mm. [Customisation is available] 1. Acoustical fabrics [Customisation is available] 1. Adhesives [Customisation is available]
Indica Acoustica Clean Room Baffles  Cafeterias, HVAC duct-liners, Hospitals and Schools, Laboratory clean rooms, food processing areas. L x W: 600mm x 600xx, 1m x 1m, 1.2m x 1.2m Thickness: 50mm [Customisation is available] 1. Easy wipe perforated FR PVC Vinyl (phthalate free) [Customisation is available] 1. Low VOC tapes and Adhesives
Indica Acoustica Wall panelling Hall Ways, Reception Areas, Offices etc. Tile Size:  600mm x 600mm and 1m x 1m.Thickness:  25mm and 50mm Durable Acoustical Fabrics FR Adhesives.
Indica Acoustica Wall Partitions. Sliding Room Partitions. [Customisation only] [Customisation only] [Customisation only]
Indica Acoustica Wedges Recording Studios [Customisation only] N/A [Customisation only]
Indica Acoustica Graphical. Hallways, receptions, Schools, Office campuses, Gyms etc [Customisation only] 1.Indica Acoustica printable fabrics. 1.Adhesives
2.Frame options

Ceiling Applications
Name Application Area Standard Sizes Facings Mounting Options
Indica Acoustica grid tiles False ceilings Fit to size 1 .Fabric
2. Vinyl
Slide in option
Indica Acoustica Hanging Baffles Gyms, Cafeterias, Open spaces, Play rooms, Schools L and W: 600mm x 600mm, 1m x 600mm, 1m x 1mThickness: 50mm [Customised Acoustic cubes] 1. FR Vinyl
2. Acoustic Fabric
1. Fish hooks and GI wires.
Indica Acoustica Ceiling Panels Hotels, Board rooms, Cafeterias L and W: 1m x 1m, 2m x 1mThickness: 50mm [Customised solutions available] 1. Fabric
2. Vinyl

Product Information and Technical Data

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Melamine foam by NASA
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