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   Material Type    Range    Applications
   Perlite    30 kg/m3 – 150 kg/m3    Cryogenics, Filteration, Foundries,    Horticulture, Pharmaceuticals
   Diatomaceous Earth      Hydroponics
   Calcium Silicate boards, jackets and    piping      Fire resistant and thermal    applications

Diatomaceous Earth Products
Material Type (EP Minerals USA) Applications
Celatom FW-14, FW-20, FW-60 Liquid filtration of alcohol, Sugar, Food products, Enzymes, Chemicals, Oils
Celabrite Anti-blocking agents for PE films
Celatom MW-27 Additives for paints, Dental Impression materials, Battery separator
Celatom MN-2, MN-4, MN-23, MN-53, LCS-3, DIAFLAT Catalyst Support, Auto Polish and Cleaners, Processing Aid for Rubber Compounds, Fillers for Speciality Papers

Perlite Products and Services
Product Application Industries Served
Perlite Filter Aids Liquid Filtration (removal of suspended solids of sub-micron size) Dextrose/Glucose, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Dyes, Edible Oils, Sugar, Water treatment, Paints
Expanded Perlite Cryogenic Insulation Oxygen Plants, Oxygen Tanks, Nitrogen Tanks, Argon Tanks, LNG Tanks, Horticulture
Perlite Ore Thermal Insulation and Abrasives Foundry, Steel, Sand-Blasting, Ladle Top Layer, Tundushi Top Layer, Explosives, Paints, Plastics, Agriculture
Perlite Fine Fillers Flattening and Pesticide Carriers Agricultural, Paints
Perlite Concrete Blocks Load Bearing LNG and Other Cryogenic Tanks