Industries Served


We supply leading OEMS in India and abroad for their acoustic, thermal & vibration dampening requirements. Our solutions reduce noise, isolate, protect, heat, seal and filter and are designed to enhance passenger comfort and long-term durability.

Agricultural & Heavy Equipment

We supply the leading manufacturers of heavy industrial equipment for the construction, mining and agricultural industry in India and abroad. Our solutions increase driver comfort in the cabin area resulting in greater productivity, through enhanced heat and sound management.


We supply the leading manufacturers of medical equipment both locally and internationally. Our products range from surgical equipment and accessories to bio-compatible coatings designed for comfort and durability.


Indica offers a range of materials to institutional clients and contractors for noise and reverberation control, noise blocking and thermal applications for walls, ceilings and under-flooring.

Consumer & Electronics

We supply various sealing and filtration solutions to the HVAC and appliance industries in India . Our customers include leading brands in the refrigeration and home cooling segment.


Indica supplies thermal insulation, filter aids and filters to the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverages
  • Paints
  • Golf Course Turfs
  • LNG Tanks
  • Cryogenic Storage Vessels
  • Metal Foundries